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     Figure Media, a Hickory, NC recording studio,

      stands to be a musician, band, retailer, walk-in,

      and Joe Shmoe's service for a "one stop shop".

      We pride ourselves as professionals that

      consistently has reasonable rates at the highest

      quality that meets today's industry standards.

      If you are not satisfied with our work, we will

      gladly redeem your product free of charge.

      Figure Media is about helping bands and artists

      sound and look good while giving them an

      affordable and intimate studio experience that

      larger studio environments simply can't live up to.

Owner, Engineer

Ryan Conrad

15 Year




     We just finished producing A Conquering Soul's

      new single, "Clairty". Also, be on the lookout for

      Black Jack Suicide's album coming out soon!



Mastering the Master

Note that mastering audio tracks in a recording studio is NOT mixing! Mastering is the post-production of audio material.

This includes levels brought up to CD and Radio quality, Equalization enhancements, Dynamic enhancements,

and overall balancing throughout every track.


Save The Memories!

If you have a record or cassette tape that is precious to you, let us back up and digitize your audio in .wav file format and on disc!  We transfer music from records and cassettes for $20 per song and $5 per CD.

Baby On Board!

For extremely precious material, you can sit in our recording studio while we transfer free of charge. We understand the importance of your product and want you to feel at ease during the process!


Beats Are In!

With over 14 years of experience with Fruity Loops and Pro Tools, we have just unveiled the mask of some of the work we have produced. There is certainly something here that will fit your style. If not, contact us today and we will make one exclusively for you. You can even come in the studio and collaborate with us while the magic happens!


Have an idea for the layout and sound you want? Come in to the studio and we will produce a beat exactly how you want it. No matter how much time is spent, $175 dollars will get you a fresh beat and you will own all of the rights to the material!

Contact us for more information.

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A little about the owner...

In Hickory, North Carolina 2001, Figure Media began as a dream to run a small recording studio. A studio that was built from scratch by Ryan Conrad at age 15. Conrad developed an insatiable interest in recording. Shortly after his first band had some pricey low-quality recording experiences, he began to invest in his own equipment and learn the trick of the trade. In 2003 the studio was up and running. Conrad recorded lots of local bands for literally peanuts just to get the experience and the name out. From 2008-present, Conrad has been integrating web development and graphic design, which is just one more thing to make his and many other bands look and sound professional. Presently Figure Media Recording Studio is building a new facility and expects to relocate about 5 miles from their current location by the end of the summer 2017.

- Ryan Conrad

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